Budget Beauty: Shop Miss A part 1

Hello lovelies, today I’m finallyy going to start giving my thoughts on the products I bought in my recent Shop Miss A haul. 

If you’ve never heard of Shop Miss A, they are an online shop that sells cosmetics, makeup tools, skincare, and accessories, and pretty much everything on their website is just $1.00. Yes, you read that right, $1.00. Shop Miss A carries budget friendly brands such as E.L.F CosmeticsL.A. ColorsKlean Color, as well as their own cosmetics line AOA Studio and a2o Lab

I placed my order July 11th, and received my order July 21st, which was within their 7-10 day shipping time estimate. My order was $35.50, just over the $35.00 I had to spend in order to get free shipping. I ordered 25 items, and everything with the exception of the 10 piece brush set (still $1.00 per brush) and a2o spectrum highlighter I purchased was $1.00. Everything arrived in a large box, wrapped well, in tact, and my order was filled correctly. 

Since I ordered so many things, I’ve decided to break this haul up into a few different parts. Today I will be discussing exclusively the AOA Studio and a2o Lab products I ordered. 

AOA Studio Wonder Liquid Lipsticks 

AOA Studio Wonder Metal Liquid Lipsticks (Left to right: Icey, Cosmo, Diamond)

In total, I ordered four liquid lipsticks, three metallic and one matte. At the time I placed my order unfortunately most of the matte liquid lip colors were sold out, which is a downside of this website, however they do restock relatively frequently and get new products often. 

The metallic shades I purchased are Icey (left), Cosmo (center), and Diamond (right). For $1.00 I am seriously impressed with all of these. Starting with Icey, while this is not really a stand alone liquid lipstick, that’s not what I purchased this shade for anyways, this color is more of a lip topper. If you are looking for a completely opaque white mettalic lippie this is not it, however if you are looking for a white mettalic lip topper this is an awesome budget option. Cosmo and Diamond are both beautiful, they do require a second layer if used alone to achieve an opaque look, but they don’t get sticky or gross and they dry down nicely. The longevity of these products is comparable to pretty much any other budget or drugstore liquid lipstick I’ve tried. I don’t expect to eat a full meal and have them stay completely in tact, so having  to reapply periodically is acceptable to me. 

AOA Studio Wonder Matte Liquid Lipstick: Insta

The matte shade I ordered is called Insta. I will admit I haven’t really done much of a wear test with this one because I honestly just don’t like the color. The pictures on the website look slightly different from the actual color of this product, but I probably should’ve known I wouldn’t wear something this orange anyways. When trying this one on I did find it’s slightly patchy, and requires at least a second layer, but again it dries down nicely and doesn’t feel sticky. I definitely plan to purchase some more shades next time I place an order and hopefully find a color I actually like. 

Top to bottom: Icey, Cosmo, Diamond, Insta

a2o Spectrum Highlighter

Rainbow Veil Highlight, brushes not from Shop Miss A.

And lastly (for this post anyways), I ordered the a2o Spectrum Highlighter in Rainbow Veil. This is one of the two products I ordered that was not $1.00, but it was still only $2.50. I still didn’t own a rainbow highlighter, and I saw this and figured it was a good opportunity to try one. 

Rainbow Veil Highlighter, brushes not from Shop Miss A.

I will admit, this isn’t something I use often or plan to use super often, but it’s still a nice highlighter. I’ve mixed all the colors together and applied them, as well as swiping my brush across to get them all invidually, and I prefer to just mix all the colors. Trying to get them to all show up individually does work, and you can see all the colors, but the blue and purple definitely overpowers  the yellow and red. 

a2o Rainbow Veil mixed color swatch

Overall, for the prices of these products I am very pleased, and honestly surprised to find a $1.00 liquid lip that is actually comfortable and wears pretty well. I definitely plan on ordering more shades of both the metal and matte liquid lipsticks next time I place an order. 

I have a bunch of other stuff from this haul, so keep an eye out for another review post soon! Thanks for reading and feel free to drop any product or shade suggestions from Shop Miss A if you’ve ordered from them before 💕



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