Beauty on a budget: $5.99 oval brush set?!

Hello, and let me start by saying I apologize for my lack of activity lately! Life is kicking my butt, and trying to get back into the swing of things and get organized after moving while working, taking summer classes, all with a young child is definitely challenging. I have tons of reviews I need to post, and hopefully I’ll have some more up very soon.

So anyways, back to the exciting part: this $5.99 10 piece oval brush set I purchased on eBay. Obviously I was a little skeptical about how the quality would be, but for the price I figured eh, why not? The seller is a U.S seller, and the brushes were shipped from Los Angeles. They arrived in a very timely manner, and tracking was provided and updated accordingly. The brushes arrived individually wrapped, and some of the brushes were slightly squished or misshapen from shipping, but they all returned to their intended shape once I took them out and washed them.

I tested most of them out today and I must say I am pleasantly surprised at how well these preformed for only being about $0.60 per brush. They are definitely comparable to my Moda Prismatic oval brushes, which have been my absolute favorite tool for applying cream products since I bought them. 

The larger two brushes are not quite as dense as my large sized Moda brushes, but they still preform the same, and the smaller brushes are comparable in density to my smaller Moda brushes. The handles are definitely kind of flimsy, and require me to support them with a finger when using the brushes, but the same applies to my Moda brushes which were much more expensive. 


For this price, I absolutely recommend trying these out, especially if you are someone who is looking to experiment with oval brushes for the first time. As I said, this style has become my go to, and I just love how easily and quickly I can apply foundation, or blend concealer, and how little product is lost in the process. 

Thanks for reading, and if you have any reccomendations for budget friendly brushes feel free to share in the comments! 
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Dollar Store Finds: Beauty Benefits

First things first, sorry I haven’t posted recently! I’ve been super busy and in the middle of moving so I just haven’t found much time to post anything. Anyways, today I finally picked up two items from a newer brand at Dollar Tree, Beauty Benefits, so I figured I’d do a short post. I’m fairly certain the name and packaging is intended to be similar to Benefit Cosmetics. Actually I’m like 100% certain. This line also includes some eyeshadow trios, mascara, and lip glosses, which I will probably try in the future. 

I picked up a blush and a bronzer.  I got the blush in the shade Bubblegum, and the bronzer in the shade Cinnamon. I honestly couldn’t tell which bronzer was the lightest and which was the darkest because they all looked relatively similar. This brand doesn’t use a numerical system to indicate the order of the depths of the bronzers which made picking the correct shade kind of challenging. 

Both the blush and bronzer are pretty nice for only being $1.00. They both have quite a bit of kick-back, so a light hand is necessary. The bronzer isn’t shimmery which is a plus, as it can be challenging to find cheaper matte bronzers sometimes. The blush was really pink, as the name implies, and while it did apply nicely and blend well, I’ll probably go back and pick up another color because I’m not big on this color for my skin tone. 

So for $1.00, I’d say check these out! I like keeping budget friendly products on hand I can use for traveling, or even makeup on the go because I don’t worry so much about breaking or losing them, so these would definitely be great for that.

I’m working on getting my life in order, and of course my new vanity, so I’ll definitely try to get another post up as soon as possible!
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