Beauty on a budget: L.A Colors single shadows

Okay so as I’ve said before, I’m always on the lookout for budget friendly products that wow me. In today’s post I’ll be talking about a product I stumbled across recently at Dollar General, L.A Colors matte single eyeshadows, and L.A Colors babyPOP! eyeshadows. Unfortunately I cannot find a link to purchase these products online, but as I stated above they are available at Dollar General. I found mine on a small endcap near the cosmetics. Probably my favorite part about these shadows is they are 2/$1.00. Yep, that’s 50ยข for an eyeshadow single. I couldn’t believe my eyes, so naturally I grabbed almost all of them. 

Now, keep in mind in my product reviews I will never judge an extremely inexpensive product the same way I would a high end product. I rate all products based on how they perform for the price. So anyway, that being said let’s get into it!

For 50ยข I personally think these matte shades make some awesome crease and transition shadows. They aren’t insanely pigmented, but they are pigmented enough to be great for more natural nude looks. I find myself using them quite often, and actually love the colors they have available. Swatches below:

The babyPOP shadows are also pretty awesome for being 50ยข. They’re nicely pigmented and make some really pretty metallic shadows, and apply nicely when packed onto the lid with a finger or flat brush. They also have surprisingly decent staying power as long as they are worn with a primer. 

Swatches below:

The only shade I didn’t really love was wine shimmer. Out of all the shades I own, I really like brownie and golden and reach for them the most often. Dollar General also carries two white shimmer shades and a purple shade in this shadow, I just didn’t purchase those. 

Overall if you’re looking for some cheap singles to build your collection, or start your collection for the price these are worth trying. 

If you have any budget beauty products you want to recommend feel free to comment below and follow me on instagram: @nalbeauty ๐Ÿ’•


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