Beauty on a Budget: Blush

Beauty on a Budget: Blush


Hello beauties! Today I’m going to be talking about some of my favorite budget blushes. Products I’ll be discussing today are:


I’ll start first with the Essence Makeup Satin Touch blush.

Left: 20 Satin Love – Right: 10 Satin Coral

These blushes are $2.99, and are sold on the Essence website, as well as at Ulta. Ulta runs bogo 50% off sales on Essence pretty frequently, so taking advantage of that plus one of Ulta’s $3.00 off coupons could make this product even more affordable. The description of this product from Ulta’s website reads:

Blush addicted! This silky-soft, highly pigmented powder Essence Satin Touch Blush instantly provides your cheeks with glowing color and a light pearl effect. Not tested on animals.

These come in two shades, satin coral and satin love, both are pictured above. Each compact contains 0.17 ounces or 5 grams of product. As the name implies these are a satin formula, but even as someone who leans towards matte blush most of the time, I still really love these, and as of right now they are my go to blush. They are nicely pigmented, but not so pigmented you have to be careful when using them. My favorite feature of this product has to how buttery smooth they are, and that they are sooo easy to blend. I really hope Essence comes out with more shades soon so this product can cater to a greater range of skin tones.

Makeup Revolution The Matte Blush:


Revolutionary color! Makeup Revolution’s The Matte Blush gives your cheeks a rich natural look. The ultra-fine powder allows you to apply for whatever style you desire. A soft glow or fabulous color can be achieved with these easy to apply blushers.

This blush runs for just $5.00 at Ulta, and again Ulta runs bogo sales on Makeup Revolution quite often so there are usually opportunities to get an even better deal on products from this brand. The shade pictured above is Fusion, and there are two other shades available on the Ulta website. Each compact contains 0.31 ounces or 8.9 grams of product. I really enjoy the blush, it blends easily, and boy it is pigmented! This is definitely a blush you have to be light handed with because it’s easy to end up with way to much product on your brush. Because it’s so pigmented, for $5.00 this blush is definitely worth the price because it’ll last a long time with how little product you need to use.


bh Cosmetics Glamorous Blush 10 Color Blush Palette:


Glamour is at your fingertips with this 10-color blush palette! It includes a combination of complementary matte and shimmer shades in soft nudes, pretty pinks and deep berry. You can even blend to create a custom shade that’s perfect for you!

This blush palette is normally available on bh Cosmetics website for $9.99, but it is available currently for $6.69 as a part of sale bh is having. I also purchased mine for around $7.00, as bh runs these sales frequently. Individual weights for the pans are not listed, however the total net weight is 0.96 ounces or 27 grams. The blushes in this palette are nicely pigmented, and blend well. The only downside for me is the darker colors are not wearable for me personally because I’m usually really fair skinned. However, they may work on darker skin tones, or someone who is into creating more dramatic looks.


E.L.F Blush


This blush adds a radiant, healthy glow to any makeup look. Available in a variety of complexion enhancing colors, the pigmented formulas create a sheer, natural look for every day wear.

This blush sells for $3.00 on the e.l.f cosmetics website, as well as anywhere else e.l.f is sold such as Walmart, Target, or online from Ulta. I no longer have the box, but from what I’m finding online this product contains 0.16 ounces of product. I enjoy that this product is buildable, and easy to blend. There are 7 total shades available of this product on the e.l.f website, and the shade pictured is Mellow Mauve. It is commonly said that these can be used as a dupe for NARS blush, but I don’t own any NARS products unfortunately, so I cannot personally vouch for this. Overall, my only complaint about this product, and honestly most e.l.f products is the cheap packaging. I struggle to open these, especially if it’s newly purchased, I’ve broken way too many nails on these things R.I.P.


So there you have it, my favorite budget blush products! Hopefully this is helpful for those of you who love to save money and look cute, and to those starting out looking to build their makeup collections. Feel free to comment with your favorite budget blushes.

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Beauty on a budget: L.A Colors single shadows

Okay so as I’ve said before, I’m always on the lookout for budget friendly products that wow me. In today’s post I’ll be talking about a product I stumbled across recently at Dollar General, L.A Colors matte single eyeshadows, and L.A Colors babyPOP! eyeshadows. Unfortunately I cannot find a link to purchase these products online, but as I stated above they are available at Dollar General. I found mine on a small endcap near the cosmetics. Probably my favorite part about these shadows is they are 2/$1.00. Yep, that’s 50¢ for an eyeshadow single. I couldn’t believe my eyes, so naturally I grabbed almost all of them. 

Now, keep in mind in my product reviews I will never judge an extremely inexpensive product the same way I would a high end product. I rate all products based on how they perform for the price. So anyway, that being said let’s get into it!

For 50¢ I personally think these matte shades make some awesome crease and transition shadows. They aren’t insanely pigmented, but they are pigmented enough to be great for more natural nude looks. I find myself using them quite often, and actually love the colors they have available. Swatches below:

The babyPOP shadows are also pretty awesome for being 50¢. They’re nicely pigmented and make some really pretty metallic shadows, and apply nicely when packed onto the lid with a finger or flat brush. They also have surprisingly decent staying power as long as they are worn with a primer. 

Swatches below:

The only shade I didn’t really love was wine shimmer. Out of all the shades I own, I really like brownie and golden and reach for them the most often. Dollar General also carries two white shimmer shades and a purple shade in this shadow, I just didn’t purchase those. 

Overall if you’re looking for some cheap singles to build your collection, or start your collection for the price these are worth trying. 

If you have any budget beauty products you want to recommend feel free to comment below and follow me on instagram: @nalbeauty 💕

Let’s talk dupes: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Today’s post is going to be about two dupes I have personally found to be comparable to the Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer. This post is solely based on my experience and opinion of these products. 

The two dupes I’m going to discuss are NYX Cosmetics Studio Perfect Primer in clear, and the Palladio Foundation Primer.

 Both products are close in price range, the NYX primer running at around $13.00, and the Palladio primer at around $12.00. NYX has the advantage of providing more product, with 30ml per tube, while Palladio only contains 20ml. Despite this, both of these products are still a relatively good value when compared to Smashbox at $36.00 for 30ml. 

Smashbox ingredients.

Palladio ingredients

NYX ingredients

The first few ingredients of each are pretty much the same, therefore in my opinion they all function similarly. The Smashbox primer is a high end product, and has more high quality ingredients, and is “Formulated without Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Phthalates, Oil, Fragrance & Talc.” The Smashbox formula is also oil free, while the Palladio definitely is not.

I personally have combination skin, more towards the oily side usually, and I lean towards the Palladio primer rather than the NYX primer as my dupe of choice. While it does seem to contain a lot of oils, it doesn’t make my face appear more oily. It glides on really nicely and performs very much like the Smashbox primer. I also that it includes some natural ingredients like Ginkgo Biloba, which is thought to have anti-aging properties, and grape seed oil, which also does some good things for skin and is non-comedogenic, so you don’t have to worry about it clogging your pores.  While I prefer the Palladio primer, the NYX primer also makes a great dupe, I just happen to like the Palladio better.

Hope this was helpful, and feel free to comment with more potential dupes of the Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer

Rimmel London Haul: Hot or Not

Today’s post is going to be a review of products from my most recent haul, all of which are from the drugstore brand Rimmel London. I stopped into a Walgreens Pharmacy I don’t normally go to on a whim, and *choir of angels* discovered pretty much their ENTIRE Rimmel display was on clearance making this already affordable brand even cheaper. I love trying inexpensive products in hopes of finding new “holy grail” products to add to my collection, so I basically just grabbed whatever they had left that sounded potentially useful.

The products included in today’s haul are:




Overall, there weren’t any face products in this haul I absolutely hated. Two of the five products I felt kind of meh about, so i’ll start with those.

  1.  The concealer didn’t do much for me coverage wise, and the staying power just wasn’t there either in my opinion. I don’t expect industrial strength coverage from a concealer that typically costs about $5.99, but there are concealers in the same price range that gave me better results. Howeverrr, since this product is relatively lightweight it might be useful over a tinted moisturizer or BB cream.
  2. The BB cream just did not work with my skin unfortunately. It looked great when I applied it, and it gave me light coverage that evened out my skin tone without the look and feel of a full on foundation, which is something I seek out days I just don’t have time to do my makeup. Sadly, within about 4-5 hours my face was a hot greasy mess, which is not usual for me, despite the fact I set the BB cream with powder and setting spray. I will probably keep it and see if it works mixed in with another product.


All of the foundations I purchased all worked really well for me, which is awesome. If you are like me and end up gradually more and more tan throughout the summer, and find your foundation shade changing often, these are a nice affordable option that won’t hurt your bank account.

  1.  My favorite foundation of the 3 I tried is probably the Stay Matte. It provides nice coverage, and I personally like the way it dries down to almost a cream powder type finish. The most common complaint I’ve heard from others about this formula is that it looks cakey, and I can kind of see it, but it’s not cakey to the extent it steered me away from this product.
  2. My second favorite is the Clean Finish foundation. This has become my new favorite lightweight summer foundation for daily use, like if i’m just going to run errands or whatever. My one complaint about this foundation is that it will oxidize and it will be noticeable, so I just buy a shade lighter than what I need. For literally $3.97 at Walmart, I can work around the oxidation.
  3. Lastly, the Match Perfection foundation is also a nice affordable foundation. I put it last because there was nothing particularly magical about it, and there is kind of a perfume-y scent to it that I don’t love, but overall for the price I’m not mad at it.




Unfortunately I don’t have a ton of positive things to say about the eye products I picked up. I will say the makeup remover works pretty well, and I catch it on sale a lot at Walgreens for under $3.00, so I think it is worth picking up for that price. The mascara to me was a little too goopy and messy for me, I’m just not a fan of the giant applicator.


The Magnif’eyes shadow palette was also a bit of a miss in my opinion. I’ve read a lot of positive reviews on these palettes, and was super excited when I found this one on clearance for $2.99 when they are regularly around $7.00, but sadly even for $2.99 I don’t know how much use I will get out of this product. The shadows are a bit patchy, and the shimmer shades lack pigmentation, so I don’t feel confident about how they would hold up throughout the day. The palette I picked up is the Keep Calm and Wear Gold, and finger swatches are below.



Ending on a positive note, I really enjoyed all of these lip products. The Provocalips are a 2 step long-wear lipstick, and they dry down to be not quite matte but not quite glossy. To achieve a more matte liquid lipstick type look, a little bit of translucent powder does the job. These are a little bit sticky, but in my opinion it’s nothing unbearable, and they really do hold up very well for the price. The red shade has actually become my go to red lipstick just because i’m confident it won’t end up all over my face. The Only 1 lipsticks are also very nice, and I definitely want to purchase more. The colors are nice, they have decent staying power for a regular lipstick, and they actually feel somewhat hydrating on the lips. Swatches will be below.


Overall, I definitely ended up with more good products than bad, and look forward to trying more makeup from this brand, especially their new Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour.

What are some of your favorite/least favorite Rimmel products? Let me know in the comments!



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Playa VoxBox

Today I’m going to be talking about my Playa VoxBox from Influenster. If you aren’t sure what Influenster is I will be getting into that below. 

The contents of the Playa Voxbox

The box:

The box itself contained a bottle of Franks Red Hot, a coupon for a container of Daisy sour cream, Suave smoothing lotion, two Eva-Nye purse perfect hair towelettes, with a coupon for a $2 off a future purchase of Eva-Nye products, and a small tube of Colgate Optic White toothpaste.

All of these products were sent to me absolutely free, specifically for testing and review purposes. 

So, what is Influenster?

Influenster, is an online community that allows users to read and write reviews, as well as ask and answer questions about products. As a member of influenster, you can be selected to receive your very own free VoxBoxes, and enter contests to win other prizes. 
How do I get started?

  1. Start by signing up on Influenster’s website, or download the influenster app.
  2. Once you set up your account, link all of your social media accounts with your account. This is important because doing this will increase your impact score, which will in turn raise your chances of receiving a VoxBox.
  3. Complete your snaps. Snaps are typically basic questions about you, your buying habits, etc. These questions will help determine your eligibility to receive VoxBoxes.

I will be discussing tips on what to do once you receive a VoxBox in the near future, so stay tuned and thanks for reading.